Pilar Macias

I am originally from Mexico and since coming to Quebec in 1991, photography has been at the heart of my creative work. I completed a Master’s degree in visual arts at Laval University and my work has been featured in solo and collective exhibitions in several Canadian cities and abroad. I have been awarded grants from the Conseil de arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ) and the Canada Council for the Arts (CCA). Several of my works were created within the framework of the integration of art and architecture program. In the last two years, I completed two CALQ art residencies in Mexico (2011) and in Argentina (2013).

My artistic work focuses on the relationships of identity that human beings form with their environment. Man, a fundamentally social being, interacts with his environment and forges his own individual identity within the bounds of specific external parameters. Identity is what differentiates us and unites us, defining us both within a context of continuity and difference. The object of my research is to unveil and make visible this individual/collective duality which is the foundation of the concept of identity. My work incorporates memory, remnants, encounters, otherness and randomness in an attempt to create new iconographic possibilities. Choosing photography as a medium of expression has allowed me to view human beings within their specific contexts and to analyse the hybrid offshoots of biographical or fictional facts. By juggling images and invented metaphors, I can transpose meanings or introduce new levels of interpretation which reveal enigmas that require solving or which lead to the experience of otherness. My photographs

are the product of a material, symbolic and identity-based construction. Antagonism in photography inspires me : whether it be in the imaginary or the realistic attributes of photography, from the tangible to the impalpable which it reveals, in the disappearance of reality or the frozen movement which it sometimes suggests. During the entire creative process, I am always exploring different technical possibilities. I make use of techniques associated with collage, sewing and the association of images and at times employ superimposition and the fusion of images with varying degrees of transparency. The manner in which my works are displayed is always deliberate and calculated to contribute to the objectives of the particular project. I work with the tension of bodies and mood, with the expressive power of the play of transposition and transparency, in order to discover the intersections of multiple identities in the making.

© 2012, Pilar Macias. Tous droits réservés. Conception et réalisation : Daniel Blouin, Marie-Ève Roussel et Marie-Pier Tardif | Studio-stage Graphikos, Cégep de Rivière-du-Loup, hiver 2012.