From the beginning of my career, the photographic installation has been at the heart of my creative work. Arriving from Mexico in 1991, I chose to establish myself in the Bas –Saint- Laurent.

I completed two Master`s degree in visual arts, the most recent at Laval University a and the second at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma of Mexico. my work has been featured in solo and collective exhibitions in several Canadian cities and abroad.

I have been awarded grants from the Conseils des Arts et des Lettres du Québe, the Canada Conseil for the Arts and the Fonds de Recherche du Québec for society and culture.

I have to my credit several acquisitions of works created within the frame of the politic of the integration of arts in architecture and in the last years, I completed several CALQ art residencies in Mexico, in Argentina and in Montréal.

My artistic work focuses on the relationships of identity that human beings form with their environment. Man, a fundamentally social being, interacts with his environment and forges his own individual identity within the bounds of specific external parameters. Identity is what differentiates us and unites us, defining us both within a context of continuity and difference. The object of my research is to unveil and make visible this individual/collective duality, which is the foundation of the concept of identity.

I renew my practice by working with photography as a source of the image and as matter.  So I cut, glue, sew or assemble photographs that can be used to go further and to give new meanings to my projects. Photographic installations have incorporated themselves rapidly into my production offering me new possibilities of representation. Video has become a new language of creation.

Antagonism in photography and the concept of identity inspire me whether it be in the imaginary or the realistic attributes of photography, from the tangible to the impalpable which they reveal, the objectivity or subjectivity that they suggest.

My practice continues to develop and become tangible by in situ projects, in venues, through artist residencies and through public art projects.

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